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Your A-Z Guide to the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Another Formula 1 season is upon us and we're here to get you ready for race number 1 in Bahrain!

Sahkir, Bahrain - Welcome back F1 fans to the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season, this is your A-Z Guide to the Bahrain Grand Prix! Ahead of the most anticipated season of racing thanks to a new generation of cars, their is plenty of excitement and anticipation for this Formula 1 season. So to help get you ready for race number 1 of a projected 23 race calendar, we're here to preview the Bahrain Grand Prix as we'll break down the circuit, give you the keys to success around this track, and all the important news and info you need to know for the race. If you're new to this series, be sure to bookmark tbmf1show.com so you never miss a race preview in 2022!

Track Characteristics

The Bahrain International Circuit first debuted in F1 back in 2004 and has been a early season staple on the calendar for many years now. The Hermann Tilke designed circuit has many unique challenges and offers drivers a good mix of excitement and difficulties to keep them on their toes. This track is made up of 15 corners overall, 9 that go right, and 6 that go left. Bahrain is dominated by its 3 big straights so top speed is important while the downforce level is medium. A key characteristic of the Sahkir circuit is its very abrasive asphalt which tends to chew up the tyres, especially on the rears as this is a rear limited circuit with many acceleration zones out of slow speed corners. With the long straights also comes heavy braking zones so Bahrain is notorious for high brake wear and a high probability of front lockups. The key overtaking areas on this track are as follows; Turn 1 is the most likely area for overtaking as it is the hardest braking zone on the circuit and has the slowest minimum corner speed at 80km/h. Further down the track, Turn 4 is another area where drivers can make a move but remember those track limits on the exit of the corner! The final two corners where drivers could make an overtake would be the notorious Turn 10 which is a tricky downhill braking zone while turning left and we've also seen some daring moves in recent years in the high speed section of Turns 11 and 12. One of the advantages of this track is it's width which allows for more overtaking possibilities.

Bahrain GP History

The 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix will be the 18th in its history and the fourth time it has held the season opening race. Out of the current teams on the grid, Mercedes and Ferrari share the dominance of Sahkir with each team taking 6 wins each for 35% of the total wins. Red Bull and Alpine are next with both teams taking two wins a piece but a non Mercedes or Ferrari team have won a race here since 2013. Out of the current drivers on the grid, Lewis Hamilton is most successful with 5 wins and he's also won the last 3 Bahrain Grand Prix's. Sebastian Vettel holds 4 wins of his own in Bahrain with Fernando Alonso being the only other driver to win around this circuit. If you're looking to win a race around the Sahkir Circuit, your best chances are going to be from pole position as 41% of race winners started on pole. 35% have gone on to win from second on the grid while only 6% have been able to win from outside of the top 3. And finally, Bahrain always provides good action and drama which can lead to crashes and the need for a safety car. Historically, their is a 41% chance of a safety car deployment around the Bahrain International Circuit.

GP Schedule

Here you will find the weekend schedule for Free Practice, Qualifying, and the race itself.

Weekend Notes

We'll kick off the weekend notes by looking at the provisional weather forecast in Bahrain.

Weather - The nice thing about racing in Bahrain is no worry of rain, but we do always have the risk of a sandstorm instead! Temperatures will be in the mid 20's throughout the weekend so conditions will be pleasant but remember the temperatures will drop a few degrees as qualifying and the race take place at night.

Tyres - Moving onto tyres, we'll get to see the new 18 inch wheels in action as Pirelli go a step harder with the C1, C2, and C3 tyres. Pirelli have gone with the harder compounds due to the new 18 inch tyres and because Bahrain typically has a high rate of tyre wear. Here are the rest of your weekend notes for the 2022 Bahrain GP!

Updated Safety Car Rules - The FIA has changed the rule which was at the centre of the controversial outcome of last year's championship deciding race. The updated 2022 regulation now clearly states that all lapped cars must overtake instead of any that was stated in the 2021 rules. "All cars that have been lapped by the leader will be required to pass the cars on the lead lap and the safety car."

Weekend Format Changes - Some changes to the off-track weekend format have been made for 2022. Thursday is no longer media day for drivers and teams. That will be moved to Friday with the drivers doing media in the morning and team principles addressing the media after practice. Sunday remains unchanged.

So that will wrap up your preview for the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix! Thank you for reading our race preview and we'd love to hear your predictions for the first race so please comment them below!

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