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McLaren ready to attack 2020 season with the MCL35

McLaren debuted their 2020 Formula 1 challenger in Woking at their home base in MTC. McLaren became the third F1 team to officially reveal a physical 2020 car.

The MCL35

Woking, England - If their was a championship for car launches, McLaren would currently be leading that race after their car launch today. Simple yet elegant, McLaren debuted their 2020 Formula 1 challenger at their home base in the McLaren Technology Center (MTC). The MCL35 has retained it's historic papaya roots that returned to Formula 1 in 2017, but the 2020 car features a lot more blue on the livery in comparison to last year's car. McLaren has also opted to ditch the checkerboard design on the engine cover and have added the papaya to the Halo.

The MCL34 - 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

Much like Red Bull's new RB16, the MCL35 has a more narrow nose and compact design to achieve maximum levels of downforce. We are seeing a similar trend from the teams so far in 2020 with respect to car design. The three cars we've seen so far have all been built to be more compact and aerodynamically efficient. With the regulations remaining roughly the same for 2020, we're seeing more of an evolution rather than a revolution of design.

The MCL35 from the rear

McLaren are coming off of their best season in six years after finishing 4th in the constructors championship. That also included their first podium finish since 2014 courtesy of Carlos Sainz in Brazil. "We can be quite optimistic but we have to be realistic as well." This was the message from team principal Andreas Seidl during the launch event. This is the first car fully produced under Seidl since he joined the team midway through the 2019 season. "We are all racers. We all love the sunrises at race tracks. I'm looking forward to going on track again."

The driver pairing of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris remains unchanged for the 2020 season. The duo became a formidable pairing on track in addition to providing plenty of entertainment off track. Carlos Sainz, who is entering his sixth season in Formula 1, really feels the momentum as they head into winter testing: "We have managed to put together a better car. I have the feeling everything is coming together a lot better. We have a positive momentum and we want to carry that forward."

The narrow nose of the MCL35 was one of the main elements that stood our during the launch

The buzz and excitement around McLaren this year is quite evident. For the first time in many years, the McLaren faithful are positive and cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season. At the moment, everybody within the team are saying the right things and all seems to be in order. Can they challenge the reign of the top three teams in 2020? Will they be able to score more podiums? All of these questions and more will be answered soon enough out on track.

You can catch the full launch of the MCL35 down at the link below.

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