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Has Mick Schumacher Reached a Turning Point in His F1 Career??

After a rocky start to his 2022 campaign, Schumacher is finally showing the potential he always had...

Courtesy - Haas F1 Media

Mick Schumacher's Formula 1 career hasn't gotten off to the best of starts as some of his other younger colleagues. He's had his fair share of massive crashes, bad cars, and hard luck that's hampered his rise to stardom. 2022 has been a difficult sophomore season for the young German who was feeling the pressure from media and more importantly his own team. But since his massive shunt in Monaco, it seems as though Schumacher is slowly turning the corner toward better days as evident by his recent form. His career best finish of 6th at the Austrian Grand Prix showcased his talents to the fullest and reminded the F1 world as to why he was a junior Formula champion. So has Mick Schumacher finally hit a breakthrough in his young career that will finally unlock his full potential in the sport?

Rebounding From Criticism

Courtesy - Haas F1 Media

Crashing a Formula 1 car is never fun and it certainly doesn't help a drivers confidence. It is made even worse when you've had the biggest crashes of the year in which the budget cap is already a challenge. Schumacher's run of mistakes even received public criticism from Haas team principal Guenther Steiner which just showcased how much pressure the German was under to deliver. But since Monaco, Schumacher has slowly but surely responded to his critics by putting in the best performances of his F1 career. Schumacher qualified a stellar P6 in Canada that saw some very tricky conditions in which driver skill was on full display. He followed that up in Great Britain by beating his teammate and scoring his first ever points in Formula 1. Schumacher showed great composure while battling for positions and his fight with reigning World Champion Max Verstappen displayed a more controlled aggression. The back to back this weekend in Austria was great for Schumacher as he was able to continue to his hot streak with a P7 in qualifying and his best career finish of 6th. Once again the Haas driver found himself battling with a former World Champion and he did a great job racing intelligently while fighting for the points. A few races ago, we might've seen a mistake or two from Mick in these exchanges but his recent boost in confidence has allowed him to be far more comfortable in the VF-22. His P6 in Spielberg helped secure Haas' second straight double points finish which is critical to the team's constructor's championship. With Haas on the outside looking in at the top end of the mid-field, this turn of good form for the German will need to continue until the end of 2022 if Haas wants a shot at finishing in the top six.

Still Plenty of Work to Do

Courtesy - RACEFANS.net

With 4 races in the month of July, a string of good races will bode well for Mick Schumacher's confidence as we head into the summer break. But one or two good finishes won't be satisfactory for Schumacher as he knows there is still plenty of work to do going forward. Through 11 races in 2022, Schumacher has been out-qualified by his teammate 9-2 so one lap pace will be an area for improvement in the second half of this season. Schumacher's race pace is more his strength as the race head to head with Magnussen is actually in Mick's favor at 6-5. Schumacher has also had quite a bit of bad luck and reliability issues that would have seen him score points far earlier and be ahead of his teammate in their head to head. Nevertheless, the last few races has seen a noticeable change in the confidence and results from Schumacher which is an indication that he's finally reached a turning point in his career. As we reach the halfway point of this season, there is still plenty of time for Mick to build a strong 2022 resume that he can be happy with at the end of the year. He came into Formula 1 with a ton of hype and a lot to live up too but it's been an up and down start to his career. Schumacher is a fan favorite and is beloved by his team members so it's safe to say he's got a lot of support behind him and the whole of the F1 fanbase is cheering for him to succeed. Let's see how he does in the next two races before the break but it looks like Schumacher's struggles might be behind him this season.

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