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F1 Fantasy Standings After Raceweek 3

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The battle is heating up for top spot in the prestigious BackMarkers F1 Show Fantasy league!

Race week 3 - Three races into the BackMarkers F1 Show fantasy league competition, we have our first repeat leader! After taking hold of first place after the Austrian Grand Prix, RP Koala Kings is back in the top spot after a one week break. The team from Australia made one change heading into race week three which was a substitution for Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo, in turn replacing Lando Norris. It was a smart move as Ricciardo ended up finishing P8 while Norris was a bit more unlucky finishing up in 13th place. We've also had some new entrants this week expanding the amount of players and some movement to our top eight leader board. So with that said, let's see who has made the coveted top eight after race week three.

A very strong team choice from our new entrant, "Team 1", saw them jump straight into second position. Picking both Racing Points, race winner Lewis Hamilton, and Carlos Sainz gave them a solid 185 point haul for the Hungarian Grand Prix. On the BackMarkers front, Shekhar and his team of "Don't Perez the Bottas," moved into 12th place with a 173 point Hungarian Grand Prix. I on the other hand did not have good fortunes for race week three. I dropped down to 14th place and made some poor decisions on drivers for that race. Turbo Drivering Lando Norris left me in the minus and bringing in Esteban Ocon only rewarded me with two points. The season is long so plenty of opportunities to bounce back! Thank you to everyone who is playing and please spread the word to your friends as the more entrants we get, the more prizes we can give away at the end of the season. If your team is in our top eight leader board, comment below, or reach out to us on social media! We'd love to hear from you and see your picks for the previous race. The deadline to make any changes for the next race in Silverstone is August 1st at 3pm, good luck!

If you haven't joined our league yet, go to fantasy.formula1.com and enter league code, fcd202623c to join our league and play!

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