• Chris Kato

F1 Fan Guide to Silverstone - 2020 British GP Preview

Round #4 of the F1 World Championship heads to iconic Silverstone for the next two rounds.

Silverstone, United Kingdom - Are you ready for another triple header? After a much needed week off for most of the F1 world, we're back at it again for three straight thrilling race weekends. And it all starts at the home of Formula 1, Silverstone. For the next two weeks, Formula 1 will be using Silverstone as its home for the British Grand Prix and the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. To kick off the second triple header of the year, we're debuting a new video series on The BackMarkers F1 Show channel. In this video, you'll find all the information you need to know for this weekend's British Grand Prix. The video is broken down into four parts; first we look at the circuit info, then we go for a flying lap of the circuit (courtesy of F1 2020) , after that we take a look at all the news and rumors heading into the race weekend, and finally we discuss race predictions and expectations. It's a detailed and informative preview that should provide all F1 fans new or old with valuable information to enjoy their race weekend. Check out the preview below on our YouTube channel and let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, if you would like your fan questions answered in next week's race preview, leave those in the comments or tweet us @tbmf1show.

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