• Chris Kato


Updated: Feb 5

Please read this important update on our Twitter account @tbmf1show

Hello everyone,

02.04.2022 - Latest update: Due to our old account still being locked, we've created a new Twitter handle that you guys can follow. Please follow us @BMF1_Show on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the BMF1Show. Thank you for your patience! https://twitter.com/BMF1_Show

02.01.2022 - We're currently locked out of our account due to a mistake in changing our account's "birthdate". We're hoping to get access back but for now, follow us on Facebook (@tbmf1show) or on the Community Tab of our YouTube channel for updates and please let everyone know who might be following us on Twitter as we cannot send anything out. Thank you and sorry for the troubles.

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