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2020 Bahrain Grand Prix Simulation to air on TBMF1Show YouTube Channel March 22nd

The #NotBahrainGP to air 12PM Eastern on TBMF1Show YouTube Channel Sunday, March 22nd

Ottawa, Canada - The 2020 Formula 1 season has yet to officially begin due to the Cornavirus outbreak. At the time of this article, it was just announced that the Dutch,Spanish and Monaco Grand Prix's have been postponed until further notice. That brings up the grand total of F1 races postponed to seven. With the situation around the world looking unclear and more bleak as the days go by, many experts around the F1 paddock believe we would be lucky to see a race before the summer.

This Sunday we were supposed to get our second race of the season in Bahrain at the Sakhir circuit which of course will not be happening. At a time when most professional sports are postponed and their is nothing to watch on TV, Formula 1 content creators have to get creative in order to give the fans something worth while to watch. And what better way to spend your Sunday then watching a virtual version of the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix! That's right, in the virtual world of Formula 1, the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix is happening at the Sakhir circuit on Sunday March 22nd at 12PM Eastern time with just a few alterations.

Mercedes lock out the front row for the 2020 Not Bahrain Grand Prix

What is a 'Not Grand Prix'?

The BackMarkers F1 Show has created a 'Not Bahrain Grand Prix' for F1 fans to enjoy on what would have been race day in Bahrain. A simulation race was created using Codemasters F1 2019 video game with the 2019 Formula 1 grid. You can expect everything that you would normally see during a real Formula 1 broadcast and some great wheel to wheel racing as well! Codemasters has done an incredible job over the years to improve the realism of the Formula 1 games and the quality of racing at times is even better than in real life.

Max Verstappen will start P3 in the Not Bahrain GP on Sunday

What to expect on race day?

Race fans can expect a lot of the same elements from a real Formula 1 race on Sunday. The Not Bahrain Grand Prix will go live on The BackMarkers F1 Show YouTube channel at 12PM Eastern time to simulate the start time of the official Bahrain Grand Prix. The race itself will be fourteen laps in distance with a formation lap and one mandatory pit stop. Pirelli have brought the C2, C3, and C4 tyres to the race and a one stop strategy is most likely for most teams. The simulation will also include live timing with a leader board tower so you can keep up with all the changes in driver position throughout the race. The Not Bahrain Grand Prix will feature many of the same elements of a real Formula 1 broadcast including; team radios, tyre information, and driver markers. And finally, to guide you through all the excitement and action will be Chris Kato and Tyler McDonald in the commentary booth with Shekhar Bharti reporting from the pit lane

It seems like we'll be without real Formula 1 action for another couple of months so TBMF1Show has put in a lot of effort to bring you some exciting F1 action, albeit in a virtual form. Tune in on Sunday March 22nd at 12PM EST down at the link below and use the hashtag #NotBahrainGP to interact with us on social media during the race. Following the race, post your thoughts in the comments section and vote for your driver of the day!

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